Choosing an engagement ring in Scottsdale can be a daunting process.
A piece to be cherished forever is a tall order to fill. Some partners choose to buy an engagement together but popping the question unexpectedly can be the thrill of a lifetime.
When shopping for an engagement ring in Scottsdale it is important to consideration the five C’s.

Cut is probably one of the most important characteristics. It does not refer to the shape (e.g. round, pear or oval) but to the geometric proportions. It is measured by brilliance, sparkle and fire (the dispersion of light). If a diamond is poorly cut, it may appear lifeless and dull.

The colour of the diamond does not mean choosing whether you will add sapphires or rubies but it defines the quality of the stones themselves. There are six categories of grading, ranging from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown). The highest grade D diamonds are unsurprising the most expensive so, depending on your budget, you could opt for G or H diamonds that appear colourless to the naked eye.

Carat is based on the weight of a diamond not its size. Usually the more carats, the larger and more rare the diamond and therefore more expensive, but it plays hand in hand with cut as a poor cut can make a large gem appear smaller.

There are 11 grades that measure clarity, from Flawless – where there are no visible blemishes or internal defects, to Included 3 – where there are cracks or obvious inclusions. It is important to remember that diamonds are made underground and so most have some sort of imperfection. “Eye-clean” options like SI or VS options are less expensive.

When it comes to the setting, it is based on your personal taste or that of your partner’s. You can go traditional or adventurous, one diamond or five, and with a whole host of different shaped stones.