Diamond Shapes

Maybe you’re looking to purchase a diamond engagement ring or simply want to add unique diamond jewelry to your evening wear collection, choosing the right diamond shape is just as important as carat, clarity, and size. Here we will look at how certain diamond shapes can be associated with a definitive style, a particular period in history, or for certain occasions. But keep in mind, in today’s fashion world these old rules are out – and when to wear your diamond jewelry is all about personal preference.

The 10 Most Popular Diamond Shapes
Round – Simple and Classic
Most often earrings and pendants will feature round diamonds, along with solitaire engagement rings. The round diamond is often cut as a brilliant which features many facets and results in exceptional sparkle. Of all the diamonds sold, the round shape accounts for 75% as it reflects light beautifully and is sure to mesmerize a new bride.

Pear – Elegant Strength
A pear shaped diamond is a fancy cut that resembles a rain drop and is often used in pendants in a range of proportions that can range from slim to wide. When choosing a pear shaped diamond, make sure the point has good color concentration and the sides should be symmetrical. Pear shaped diamonds are currently trending. Keep in mind they should be protected with a V-shaped prong and the pointed tip is positioned towards your fingernails.

Square – The Radiant Cut
The Radiant is one of the cuts available for square diamonds and will feature a brilliant-cut facet pattern on both the pavilion and crown. Made popular in the 1980s, the Radiant cut can have either rounded or sharp corners and range from perfectly square to the more traditional rectangle. This shape is great for larger carats and formal affairs.

Cushion Cut – A Romantic Square
Cushion cut diamonds are dazzling and have softer, rounder edges that are mindful of a pillow. These breathtaking gems are cut in a number of variations including X-Factor and Crushed Ice. Choose a Cushion Cut diamond ring that has the right balance of weight and depth to make wearing them a comfort.

The Princess Cut – A Traditional Favorite
The distinct inverted pyramid with four beveled sides is perfect for younger girls who will cherish their first introduction into fine jewelry. A Princess cut solitaire diamond ring or pendant features a brilliance that is close to that of a round diamond while being very stylish and even delicate. For a contemporary diamond choice, the Princess cut will give plenty of intense sparkle.

The Asscher – A Unique Cut Diamond
In 1902, the famous Asscher Brothers jewelers of Holland introduced this emerald cut with a smaller table and a higher crown for exceptional brilliance and symmetry. The larger step facets give the illusion of concentric squares. For a truly unique diamond ring gift that is sure to catch everyone’s eye at your next cocktail party, The Asscher cut diamond will sparkle in a unique manner unlike any other diamond cut.

Emerald Cut – An Engagement Ring Favorite
The cut-corners of an Emerald cut diamond will produce a mirrored effect in their sparkle with large, open tables that will bounce flashes of light planes in a most interesting way. They are favored as an engagement ring because they appear larger while still making the finger look slender with their perfect length to width ratio. Choose a higher clarity diamond, because the Emerald cut will reveal clarity to the naked eye.

Marquise Cut – An Exquisite Choice
You will rarely go wrong when you choose a Marquise cut diamond for your next jewelry purchase. This long and narrow cut is very popular for a feminine look with a large crown surface that actually makes the diamond appear to be a larger carat. Designed by King Louis XIV of France, the Marquise diamonds have the brilliant cut for maximum shine and brilliance and are a popular choice for fancy color diamond settings.

Oval Cut – A Classic Shape
Oval-shaped diamond jewelry is making a tremendous comeback to a simpler diamond with a brilliance that stands out. An oval cut will appear to be a larger diamond and are more impressive than a round cut. The beauty of an oval cut is they can go from office to dinner to formal events with ease and beauty. Your personal style and preference can be used to determine the length to width ratio, but they are most striking with a ratio between 1.30-1.50.

Heart Shaped – Distinctive and Fun
For a fun, love-shaped diamond, choose a Heart shape with good symmetry and rings that are slightly rounded with a higher, sharp center cleft. These silhouette diamonds can range from wide to thin with a femininity that is sure to delight on Valentine’s Day.

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