Finer Diamond is supplying Diamond Wholesale in Scottsdale, as we are offering you varieties of diamonds including princess cut, marquise cut, cushion cut and radiant cut diamond that you always desired. We choose our quality diamond carefully which absolutely match and calibrate incredibly in the piece of jewellery we created, which help you in order to maintain our standards, quality and reputation.
Finer Diamond specialise in providing GIA certified diamonds in all shapes and sizes from 0.10ct to extreme size of 10.00+ct and Natural fancy coloured diamonds. We are easily able to cater for any other requirements

Finer Diamonds provides a personal diamond sourcing service for individuals.

If you’re looking for a loose diamond, a fancy coloured diamond, an engagement ring, a single diamond for a pendant, two matching diamonds for earrings, a diamond bracelet or any other bespoke jewellery, we provide high quality, specialised service and offer wholesale prices – even for one-off purchases.
Diamond Wholesale in Scottsdale