Scottsdale Engagement Rings

Scottsdale Engagement Rings

Our Scottsdale Engagement Rings location is the ultimate in convenience for couples seeking superior engagement rings & wedding bands at exceptional prices.
Celebrate your true love with exceptional diamond engagement rings and bridal jewelry. At Finer Jewelry Scottsdale, AZ , we know that selecting an engagement ring is an intensely personal, romantic experience – a pivotal step on your journey to life together. That’s why we meet with couples in our private showroom, by appointment only, taking the time to truly get to know who you are and what’s important to you. This absolute focus allows us to provide a superior level of personal service.



Cut is considered by many to be the most important “C.” A poorly cut diamond, no matter how great its color and clarity is, will not compare in sparkle and flicker to a better cut diamond with comparatively lower color and clarity. There are several types of cuts such as asscher and cushion.

There will always be different opinions on the best diameter of the largest facet on the top of the stone and the best depth for a diamond, because these factors alone are not sufficient to accurately judge a diamond’s cut. Other diamond factors such as crown angle, girdle thickness, pavilion depth-percentage, cutlet size, polish,
and symmetry also play a role in judging a diamond’s overall cut quality and should also be learned.

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