Solitaire Diamond Rings


A solitaire diamond ring is by far the most popular engagement ring proposed with. When talking about jewelry, the word “solitaire” is used to describe one single diamond or gemstone that is set into a ring, or another piece of jewelry. The solitaire ring consists of two parts – a diamond, and a setting. There are many kinds of solitaire ring settings. Solitaire diamond rings can have hefty carat weights, or they can be more modest. No matter what the personal preference is, there’s always the perfect diamond solitaire ring out there.
The setting of the solitaire diamond ring depends on your personal style and budget. The two most common metals are white gold and yellow gold. However, platinum is also a popular choice for solitaire engagement rings due to its durability and modern shine. The second part of the solitaire diamond ring is the diamond itself. The diamond will again reflect personal taste and budget. The solitaire diamond engagement ring is known for holding the ultimate statement of elegance and tradition.